Conversational Marketing. Is It Important for Our Business?

by Elina Tsvetkova

Well, to answer this question we should first explain what conversational marketing really is. There is a lot of information available on the internet but to what extent does it answer your questions? In the article below we will try to feed your curiosity and answer the most important questions about digital marketing. Just keep reading. 

What is conversational marketing exactly?


In its essence conversational marketing is deeply oriented towards receiving extensive feedback from clients. Companies use this approach when they want to achieve higher engagement, long-term commitments with their clients and of course generate higher levels of profit. We assume that the final goal of most businesses is to get higher revenues. And when it comes to that, conversational marketing proves to be quite efficient.

The key is in constant communication with your clients. Not only you will know what your clients think of your business, but you will also make them feel more engaged. Why? When done right conversational marketing makes clients in a way feel like they are part of the business themselves. Furthermore, if you listen carefully to your clients needs you might come up with great ideas on how to improve your business. 


With the current digitalization and the constantly evolving new social platforms communication is easier than ever. This resulted in making conversational marketing quite important for your general marketing strategy. Social media is a great way to develop your conversational marketing and drive more engagement of your audience. 

Which tools can we use for conversational marketing?

First of all, we should mention that conversational marketing is not only social media and automated ChatBots as many people would assume. The possibilities and tools which you could use for great conversational marketing go way beyond that. Here are some examples:

#1 Email marketing.


That’s right, the good old-fashioned Email marketing. Although nowadays people are not expecting to receive messages from you only via e-mails this does not mean that such type of marketing is out of date. Not at all! With the help of some really popular platforms such as MailChimp, Zoho or ActiveCampaign you have the possibility to create great segmented lists of your clients. That way you can send them information which is only relevant to them. Such type of approach shows great attitude towards your clients and includes the element of customizations and personalization.

#2 Customer Support

Having ChatBots and other automations is great and can save you lots of money. How? Check out this article. But still real interaction is also important. Often customers prefer to talk to real people and feel more secure when they know they have someone to contact if needed. 

#3 Customer Loyalty Programs

Show you customers that you appreciate them! What better way to do so than introducing a reward program for loyal customers? It could be anything from discounts to free gifts or even coupons. Let your imagination flow, be creative. Make your customers feel special. 

There is no doubt that Conversational Marketing is of crucial importance nowadays. Implement in your business and expect great long-term results. Not sure how to do it? So many possible approaches, how to choose? Well, the answer is quite simple. Leave that difficult choice to the professionals! We, at DigitInk, love marketing, especially digital. Leave it all to us! Don’t hesitate to book your free consultation or contact us via email. Make DigitInk your remote digital marketing agency and leave all your marketing troubles in the past!

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