ChatBots. Everything We Should Know About Them?

by Elina Tsvetkova


In reality ChatBots are not a real robot, but in fact they are actually a program. This program is powered by Artificial Intelligence and the aim is to stimulate real interaction with users via a chat interface. They are able to understand language and are programmed to be progressively learning. This means that they tend to copy human conversations in order to deliver to your customers a familiar way of communications.

Making decisions and deciding what kind of new technology to implement in your business is always a difficult task. This is why we decided to outline the biggest advantages and disadvantages of using ChatBots. Be sure that after reading the article you will be armed with all the information you need to make the right decision for your business!

Advantages of using ChatBots

#1 Keeping up with the latest trends 

In recent years customer’s preferences have switched to contacting and communicating to a brand via chats. Since this is the latest trend businesses now have the opportunity to make this step as easy as ever! Using a ChatBot will guarantee you fast and easy online connection with your customers and best of all not at a high price! Check our article to see how to save money using ChatBots.

#2 ChatBots don’t get sick

In fact, they are not influenced by any other virus! They don’t need days off to stay sick, they don’t feel tired and they like their job. What’s better than that? To put it simply this will allow your customers to feel free and contact you whenever they feel like they have a question. This gives your business to increase its response rates and consequently it easier for consumers to engage.

#3 ChatBots are better in collecting data for you clients

That’s right! ChatBots are in fact quite useful and effective when it comes to collecting data for your clients. As mentioned above ChatBots can be a great way to raise your customer engagement. By communicating with your clients they can collect feedback and analyze it for you. Of course, this is dependent on the way they are programmed. 


#4 Higher conversion rates

By using personalized messaging to target your clients you are raising your chances for them to feel secure and convert.  Chatbots can help you guide the consumer in the right direction in order to get higher conversion rates. If they are programmed right ChatBots can even help you to distinguish between high quality leads and time-consuming leads which are not likely to convert.


Disadvantages when using a ChatBot

#1 No decision-making skills  

While they might be good when it comes to customer engagement they are terrible decision makers. Or to be even more precise they are not capable of making any decisions. This may result in some problems if you leave all the communication with your customers to your ChatBots.

#2 Too difficult 

Sometimes ChatBots can be complicated and require more time to understand the user’s requirement. Some people may be annoyed from the poor processing which sometimes ChatBots experience. This is why you need to be sure that the interface of your bots is easily comprehensible for your clients. 

#3 ChatBots may be time-consuming 


As mentioned above ChatBots are programmed to be improving in order to better satisfy the needs of the customers. However, this process of self-updating may be time-consuming and even expensive. 

In conclusion, using Chatbots can be quite efficient if they are programmed in the right way. If you want to implement the newest technology in your business but you are not sure how to do it, don’t hesitate to contact us. We, at DigitInk have experience in the digital world and would gladly help you! All you need to do is book your free consultation. 


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