Alternative and Niche Social Medias. Should We Use Them?

by Elina Tsvetkova

For the last few years Facebook has been certainly the leading social media platform. However, data shows that the user growth has been recently decreasing. The public opinion over the network is contradictory. Some strongly dislike Facebook and express their opinion freely. Instagram developed quickly and the number of users skyrocketed to reach 1 billion users. However, the rates of growth have changed and are slower today.


This does not mean that the platform will lose its fame and glory, or at least not soon. Facebook, Instagram and Youtube still remain useful marketing tools and trends are not going to change in 2020. 

What are niche social media?

Well, despite the fact that we have clearly leading social media in some cases it may be quite efficient to advertise your business in alternative or niche social media platforms. The difference between traditional and niche social media is that the latter have way fewer users. This means that when placing your advertisement on a niche social media you will most likely reach fewer people. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s better to reach less people but all of them to be highly engaged with your business rather than reaching millions with no results. 

Nowadays, alternative social media channels already have active interest and promising growth rates. Although they will not replace the traditional media soon, they may be a powerful way to promote your business and reach a niche audience. 

Which are the most popular alternative social media?

We have Pinterest, Medium, Reddit and Snapchat which are already among the new favorites of the public. Most of them have a wide variety of users and are already pretty popular. This means that they already have a large number of people in their audience which could be easily reached by you. 


Another option, if you are even braver, is to use platforms like Sociall or Minds which are relatively new to the market. The problem with these platforms is that they are substitutes to Facebook, but they are more privacy orientated. What this means is that you won’t be able to gather as much information as on Facebook for your clients. This could result in inability to construct the right target audience and consequently poor performance of your campaigns. 

How to choose the right niche social media for my business?

Well, to answer this question many aspects should be taken into consideration. Here is a list with the main points you need to cover to choose the right social media for your business:

Understand your audience

In order to target your audience, you first need to get to know it really well. The most important questions to answer here are their demographics, interests and purchasing behavior.

Have clear goals

You need to define your goals in order to have successful campaigns. What this means is that if you want to raise awareness you need a specific kind of strategy. And if you want higher conversion rates, that is a whole other story. You shouldn’t use one campaign expecting to meet both objectives. 

Difference between social media.

All of the social media have certain specifics which you should be familiar with before starting your campaign. For example, approximately 85% of the users in Pinterest are women. So, if you decide to target them with products which most women find appealing you will have great results. But if you launch a campaign that advertises man care products, then your result won’t be promising. 

To put it short, advertising and being active on niche social media could be quite beneficial for your business. You will have the opportunity to show your business to an audience which is not constantly exposed to advertising. However, to do it right has many tricks and requires time and effort. If you want to spare yourself, leave that hard work to the professionals. Book your free consultation now or contact us on 

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