How to Optimize Your Facebook Ads To Achieve Better Results

by Elina Tsvetkova

Optimizing your Facebook ads is crucial for your overall marketing success. Yet, there are some traps which even the most experienced marketers tend to neglect. To find out how optimize your Facebook ads and avoid traps- just keep reading.


How to Optimize Facebook ads in the Learning Phase?

First of all, you may ask what is the Learning Phase? Generally, when a new ad set is created Facebook needs time in order to gather data from your audience. During this period Facebook learns which content and to what people should be shown in order to optimize the ads. The same rule applies when you are editing an already existing campaign. Facebook collects information in order to optimize your ads and show them to people who are more likely to engage. Once this learning phase is completed Facebook knows the algorithmic optimization and from that moment on you can observe real results. 


What you shouldn’t do during the Learning Phase

A common mistake is to constantly edit or release new ad sets without giving time to Facebook for learning. The problem is that when you don’t allow your ads to complete the learning phase you never get your ads to be optimized. Thus, our advice is to give it some time. Usually the learning phase for optimizing Facebook ads is up to 7 days. In order to avoid the process of blind guessing we recommend waiting for the results from your campaigns once the learning phase is over. After that period, you can decide based on your results whether your campaign needs some editing or is already performing well.


Facebook ads optimization and conversion hours

Some legends say that consumers are more likely to buy on weekends or holidays. Thus, the logical conclusion is to show ads only on those days and save money, right? Although this type of strategy is partially successful (you may be able to save some resources) there are also some problems which arise. 

First, Facebook tends to promote predictable behavior. A long time ago someone said “Consistency is the key to success”. And he was right! By continuously stopping and starting your account Facebook gives you lower credibility on the platform. In the eyes of Facebook you are not to be “trusted” which means that your ads will not be fully optimized and consequently your overall results may be lower.

Second, even if you show your ads during the periods on which people are generally buying like Christmas or Black Friday, you won’t be very successful if they don’t already know you. To put it simply, if your audience hasn’t seen you before, they are less likely to buy. Makes sense, right? In order to have higher conversion rates the people should know what you are offering, you need Facebook ads optimization. This means that they are already familiar with your brand and in a sense, they know you. 

Knowing about the existence of these traps is a really useful thing to know. But avoiding them successfully is a whole new story to begin with. If you want to save time and money, just leave it in the hands of the professionals. Book your FREE consultation now!

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