Freelancers VS Digital Agencies. Breakdown of The Impossible Choice.

by Elina Tsvetkova

If you are a small or medium business soon or later you have faced among one particularly difficult choice. Freelancers or Digital agency? Which one should I hire? 

The truth is that both have advantages and disadvantages. To make your choice easier we have listed the most important features you need to know before coming to your final decision. 

What are the Freelancers?

We have all heard this modern term but what it is exactly? Generally, Freelancers are already experienced people who have decided to work for their own. Instead of having commitment with a given company they are their own bosses. Being so Freelancers have opportunity to choose their own projects and people to work with. 


Main advantages of Freelancers

As mentioned above, Freelancers are usually people who already have experience. In most of the cases they have worked in a few companies before making the choice to become a Freelancer. 

Another advantage when you are working with a Freelancer is that you will definitely cut down the costs. Being completely free, they don’t have any office which means no rent expenditures. They can work from everywhere. Who doesn’t love freedom? 


Also most of the Freelancers handle only one or a very few projects at a time. Why is this and advantage for you? Well, because your Freelancer will give you all the attention you need. He will be completely focused on you and deep into your business culture and future goals. 

Main Disadvantages of the Freelancers

Freelancers love their freedom. This means that often they don’t insist on contracts which might be a problem if something in the work process goes wrong. Also they like being independent. That means that they have no fixed working time. While this is also an advantage as it makes them more flexible than traditional agencies, it might be also a con. Without a contract or clue where your Freelancer is, you are pretty much dependent on their goodwill. Of course, keep in mind that it is definitely not in the Freelancer’s interest to scam you. They depend on their good image to get recommendations. 

Maybe the biggest disadvantage when working with a Freelancer is the fact that you have only one person. This means less creativity options, less different solutions to problems and only one opinion. Even if you get the most experienced Freelancer, sometimes brainstorming is crucial for finding the best solution.


Digital agencies. How do they work? 

When it comes to digital agencies we are all more familiar with their functions. You typically have a given number of people assigned for your project, fixed working time and holidays. It’s just like hiring any outside firm. 

Main Advantages of Digital Agencies

Digital agencies should provide with a whole team for your project. This means a lot of creative discussions, brainstorming and again discussions until the best solution is found.


Also digital agencies should have clear contract conditions and working schedule. You will know exactly when you can reach them. If this is not the case, then something might be wrong. Check out our article about choosing digital agencies to see if you are making the right decision.

Main Disadvantages of Digital Agencies

Generally speaking, Digital Agencies have a lot more expenditures than Freelancers. Having an office is something which will automatically raise the praise you need to pay. While having a clear working schedule is most of the times convenient, it may be also tricky. In case of crisis, fast reaction is always crucial. When you are working with a standard agency quick timely reaction might not always be the case. Especially if you are not a big company. 

We at DigitInk have another approach. We are a remote digital marketing team. What this means is that you also a full marketing team assigned to your project, generating ideas and always available for questions. Sounds too good to be true? Check it for yourself! Book your FREE consultation or contact us on

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