What is Programmatic Advertising and How Can We Use It?

by Elina Tsvetkova

Nowadays, we all constantly hear about the evolving technology and its impact on society. But have you heard yet about programmatic advertising? And even more importantly do you know how to use it for your benefit? If you are interested in knowing more about this mysterious technology continue with the article.


Defining the Programmatic Advertising

If you are still feeling confused and you are not so sure what this scary term means- don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. To explain what Programmatic Advertising really is, first we should mention how the typical ad buying process occurs. So, normally in order to buy or sell ad space there is a lot of negotiation and manual insertion orders. There are sometimes many intermediaries involved, which not only makes the process slow and annoying but it also cuts down your profits. And nobody wants less profits, right? 


The good news is that nowadays we can use the Programmatic Advertising. To put it simply, this process typically refers to the use of software to purchase digital advertising. This makes the whole process for both buyers and sellers easier, faster and also in a way cheaper. 

Now Programmatic Advertising is a leading tool when it comes to digital advertising. Instead of taking time and human effort, with the help of the Programmatic Advertising the whole transaction could happen in less than a second. Many businesses use it in order to promote their product or services more efficiently. 

How does the Programmatic Advertising really work?

The automated process of the Programmatic Advertising consists of various platforms and steps. In order to simplify the process, we have broken the whole process into its essentials. 

In order to start the whole process, we first need a viewer to enter a website which uses Programmatic Advertising. Once the viewer is on the website the bidding automatically starts. The ad space is put for sale. To decide what type of add to show to the particular user his cookies are analyzed. With the help of cookies the region, demographics and interests could be determined. Different advertisers make bids to purchase the ad space depending on the user’s interests.


Finally, a winner is chosen and the add is displayed to the viewer. This whole process is happening in real-time and this is why it is highly effective. But don’t be confused, the whole thing doesn’t take centuries, it happens in milliseconds! Isn’t technology just fascinating?


When you click on a page, while you are waiting for your page to load (which takes no more than a second) all of this process is happening without you even knowing it. Are you ready to try it or your own business? The only step you have to take is contact us on office@digitink.eu or even better book your consultation now!

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