Instagram Influencers- What Are They Exactly?

by Elina Tsvetkova

Instagram influencers- everybody has heard of them. But what exactly are these mysterious creatures and how can we benefit from them in order to promote our business?

How did it all start?

During the last couple of years, Instagram like many other social media platforms has experienced dramatic growth. 

As it could be seen on the graph over the period of 5 years the number of Instagram users reached 1 billion and the figures are expected to grow. When Instagram introduced the stories (more about the stories in our previous articles) there was a new boom on social media platforms. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, Instagram is considered to be mostly visual platform which makes the introduction of stories a significant feature of the platform. 

In Instagram people are expressing themselves through the means of photos, rather than long complicated texts. This gives businesses a great opportunity to show to their potential clients visually what they are actually offering.

Thanks to that, many creators appeared on the platform eager to capture the attention of their followers. Some of these creators managed to keep the interest of a large number of followers and this resulted in building a massive user base of people. Such creators are today called Instagram Influencers. Basically, what makes an Influencer successful is his ability to create content and engage with his followers’ base. Nowadays, influencers can be a key asset for businesses to target audiences.

Basics about Instagram Influencers

Influencer’s content can be about pretty much everything. Usually they are promoting a specific lifestyle and are covering topics such as travel, photography, fashion, sports, food and etc. However, you can find Instagram Influencers about more specific and niche topics as well. There are all kinds of influencers- from Instagram Influencers with follower’s base size 1000 to celebrity influencers with more than 1 million followers. Depending on your business the right influencers must be chosen in order to promote your business more successfully. Sometimes influencers with small number of followers can be more effective if their group is more interested in your content. 


How can business promote with the help of Instagram Influencers?

Generally, the more followers an Instagram Influencer has, the more credible source of information he is. This is due to the fact that Influencers have deep relationships with their follower’s base and have already built trust and connections. What  Instagram Influencers can do for your business is to help you communicate with audiences by tailoring messages. Their opinion is strongly valued by their followers and thus you are very likely to quickly achieve high conversion rates if you have chosen the right audience. 


There are number of influencer marketing goals that can be distincted. Whether it is raising customer awareness, higher conversion rates, going after a new target market or customer retention it is ALWAYS important to set your goal first. That way you would be able to evaluate the success of your campaign and target specific results you want to achieve. 

With the help of social media, we now have many opportunities to share our passion with others and promote our business. One way of doing so is with the help of Instagram Influencers. And although it may seem easy, this is not always so simple. In case, you are feeling insecure and you are not sure exactly what is the next step for developing your business- don’t hesitate to contact us on

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