Hashtags in Instagram- How to Use Them Successfully?

by Elina Tsvetkova

Nowadays, we all know about the great importance of social media. What we might have missed or not explored completely is the influence of social media on our business. If you want to know about social media and how hashtags in Instagram work in particularly- you have come to the right place!

Why do we need hashtags?

Although hashtags may seem like something completely useless which we add below our photos this is not the case at all. In fact, it is exactly the opposite- hashtags are crucial for our success on Instagram. Like most of the social media platforms Instagram has built a system of categorizing and organizing the posted content into specific related groups. This is what actually the hashtag does for you- it organizes your content so that it could be reached by others. When you write a given hashtag on Instagram what you will find is some pictures which include the given hashtag in their description. Sounds cool right?


How can we use hashtags?

Imagine that you have a small cafeteria and you want to promote it on Instagram in order to attract more visitors. You constantly upload pictures and content that may be useful for your customers, but it seems that your follower’s base is just not growing. What you might be missing is the secret of the hashtag. Adding hashtags on public profiles will allow others to easily find you when they are searching for a specific keyword which has to be one of your hashtag descriptions. This is why it is very important to try thinking like the customer and what he might look for, in the case of Instagram- hashtags. 

Armed with that information, you are now ready to go further and explore the hashtags even more profoundly. Believe it or not, one of the most important things when using hashtags is to understand the different types and how to message them to the corresponding audiences. 

#Brand hashtags

Generally, brand hashtags are something which you have created for your specific business and it is unique and only used by you. Most companies go with something simple and easily recognizable, such as their company name, but this is not necessarily a rule.


#Campaign Hashtags 

With the help of those kind of hashtags you can promote specific events or promotions that are available only for a limited amount of time. Unlike the brand and community hashtags, they are not meant to last long and are usually only for a given period of time.

#Community Hashtags

This type of hashtags represent a given group of people which share the same type of passion, way of thinking or lifestyle. They usually connect users with similar opinions of a given product or service. There a number of hashtags which are considered as community hashtags. In the case of the cafeteria a community hashtag would be simply #coffee, #breakfast etc. Although community hashtags are really simple to use they are a great way to connect with others, to improve engagement rates on your posts and gain new followers.


Hashtags may appear pretty easy to use, but keep in mind that they can sometimes be tricky. There are some restrictions and general rules which you must follow. 

Rule #1: In order your hashtags to be helpful and appear when someone is searching, your account must be public. 

Rule #2: Spaces and special symbols are NOT allowed in hashtags. However, numbers are well accepted. 

Rule #3: You can only tag your post. This means that you are not allowed to tag other people’s post. 

Rule #4: There is no limit to the number of photos you upload on Instagram, but there is a limit of hashtag you can use below one photo or video. When you use more than 30 hashtags under one photo, your comment simply won’t post. 


There are a number of ways with which you can promote your business with the help of social medias. Hashtags are just a fraction of what there is to know in order to achieve great performance on platforms like Instagram. If you are willing to save yourself time and effort, leave that job on the professionalists and book your consultation know! We are always ready to you out.

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