5 Tips For Great Stories on Your Social Media Account

by Elina Tsvetkova


As we know, Facebook and Instagram are a great way to promote your business and reach your clients in an effective way. However, when posting on your page not everyone, even the people who have already liked your page could be reached. The good news is that by using stories on Facebook or Instagram more people could be able to see them which would result in higher customer engagement, which is something we all want, right?

So far it sounds good, but what exactly are the stories?


Stories were first introduced by Snapchat, but were quickly appeared as a feature in Facebook and Instagram as well. What they essentially do is allow you to upload video or pictures and then show them to the people who are already following you on your page for the time period of 24 hours. You can upload as many stories as you like per day which allows you to promote more than one thing at a time. However, there are some simple things you can do in order to optimize your results. 

Tip #1: Too Much Stories are not always a good idea

Don’t overwhelm your followers by posting too many stories per day. On average the statistics shows that the engagement with customers is higher when you are posting 2-10 stories per day. That way your audience could be more focused on the content that you are posting and be more responsive. 


The graph above shows how many of the people who started watching your story will watch all of the stories you have posted. As we can see when you post around 2-10 stories per day almost 70% of the people who started watching your stories will see all of your stories for the day. As the number of stories goes higher, the number of followers who are likely to watch all your stories goes lower. So, don’t confuse your followers choose your content carefully and share with them only what you find important.

Tip #2: Don’t post all of your stories at once

The idea of the stories is to be real-time and provide your customers with the sense of real connection with your business. So if you want to keep it realistic, don’t upload all of the content you want to share at once but instead- spread it throughout the day. That way you will have the chance to remind your followers a few times per day for your business and also they will have the feeling of a real-time connection. 

Tip #3: Add highlights

This feature offered by Instagram basically allows you to choose some of your favourite stories and save it to your profile, so that they can be viewed for longer than 24 hours. This could be really useful if you want to inform your customers about an ongoing promotion or you just want to introduce them to your business with a few quick videos or pictures.


Tip #4: Start a conversation

Instagram offers you the access to use one really easy tool in order to promote communication and ask your audience questions- poll creation. Basically, what is allow you to do is to ask your followers a question and provide them with possible answers so they can vote. This is an easy way to stay in line with the preferences of your customers and make them feel part of your business. Also, Instagram will provide you with the statistics when people chose their answer which could be quite helpful if you want to know something in particular for your audience.   

Tip #: Use short videos


Instead of just posting pictures, a great idea could be to try posting some videos as well. This may be a fun way to change your usual stories and also may be a better way to communicate with your followers. Research shows that people are generally more sensitive and responding to videos and motion, rather than to steady images. Experiment, test your audience and give them what they like best!

Sometimes posting on your own social media accounts may be fun, but when it comes to your professional business page things are a little bit different. The way you communicate with your audience is of great importance and we at DigitInk are specialist at that. You need some help with managing your social medias- contact us immediately on office@digitink.eu

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