How to Save Money from Our Marketing Budget Using ChatBots?

by Daniel Rogachev

Everyone has asked themselves the question “How can I optimize my ads, so to spend less and increase conversions?”. Here is the right answer – ChatBots!

Working for more than 4 years in the field of Digital Marketing and Online Sales, we can clearly tell that the power of ChatBots is underestimated. Less than 3% of the companies which are advertising online are using ChatBot within their sales funnels.The reason – a lot of people think that they are super expensive. The truth, however, is that ChatBots can provide you with absolutely free leads.



Well, actually you are able to set up a chatbot for free. Of course, not with all the available options, but still you get the most important features. There are a couple of companies, which we consider as the best in this:

1. Mobile Monkey

2. ManyChat

3. Chatfuel

There are a lot of strategies you can implement to get leads FOR FREE. In this article, I will share my top 2:

Make your customers comment your post.

Yes, if you only make you customers to comment some of your posts, you can automatically start a conversation with them via Facebook Messenger. Of course, the most successful strategy will be if you personalize the chat flow according to the certain post. Once your potential client start the chat with your bot, it’s up to your copywriting and strategic skills to convert them. So when setting up the campaign, don’t go with the most generic (a.k.a boring) flow, but try to be creative, assertive and funny.

Send message automatically to all the people who’ve ever had a chat with you via Messenger

Once they decided to send you a message, Facebook is considering these people as engaged with your business. Moreover, it is allowing you to send them a message back via chatbot whenever you want to. Good chance for some free leads or an up-sell!

Christmas is all about giving! This is why we have prepared a special bonus idea for you.

Bonus idea

This one won’t be for free – it needs a bit of a marketing investment: Create a “send message” optimized ad campaign. Ask your audience a curious question regarding your business/product/service. Tell them the one who answers the question correctly as a private message, will get something for free (voucher, bonus, etc). This is how your Chatbot automation can start the flow! And again – it comes to your strategy and copywriting skills to convert them!

Here at DigitInk, we have more than 2 years of experience with the latest strategies. We are not missing a training course/conference where we can learn more about Chat Bots and we are always curious for more. If you want to get our opinion regarding your current or future ChatBot strategy, schedule a FREE consultation with us here.


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