How to Advertise to Digital Nomads

by Velizar Milanov

Digital nomads – a strange creature, which lives and breathes digital, but kind of hates digital marketing. So, how exactly can you advertise to them? How can you successfully market your products to digital nomads? 

Well, you, my friend, are at the right place. In this blog post, you gonna find everything you need to know in order to market successfully to that interesting niche. 

So, let’s begin, shall we?

Who are the digital nomads? 


In every marketing course, you gonna find out that the most important thing about your advertising is knowing your audience well. This is why, we gonna start with a brief explanation of the term digital nomads.

Digital nomads are a type of people who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living and, more generally, conduct their life in a nomadic manner. Meaning that they often work remotely from foreign countries, coffee shops, co-working spaces or any other place where there is WiFi available. They are really profitable target audience, so every business wants to know how to sell to digital nomads.

What do they like?

Now that we know who those mighty creatures are, it’s time to tap into their behavior habits and see what type of products/services do they like. Digital nomads tend to love all the digital services that save them time, money and effort. An example of such services are: SkyScanner, AirBnB, Revolut and

How to advertise to digital nomads?

We know everything – who the digital nomads are and what they like. Now it’s time to understand how to advertise to them. As I said at the beginning, digital nomads are a strange creatures. They love all the digital services, but they hate the “traditional” digital marketing campaigns. By “traditional” I mean ads from unfamiliar brands trying to sell you the next “best” app or something along the lines. This is why, you should be very careful when you are trying to advertise to digital nomads.


The most important thing is that you make you ads seem like a post of their favourite blogger/vlogger. So, what you should do is research about the way they communicate – what phrases do they use, what tone of voice, how long the copy should be, etc. By doing that, you would make you ad seem as native as possible to their feed.

Next to that, you should run an awareness campaign, before pitching your product/service. From our experience (we have been working with this niche in the last 2 years with different companies and products/services) funnel like campaigns outperform the “direct” ones (promoting directly the service/product). As I already mentioned, digital nomads tend to dislike the unfamiliar brands pitching them their product/service. So, what you should do is create an awareness campaign, where you could just introduce your brand or offer something of value for free. Once they engage with your awareness step, they should start receiving product/service ads.

Of course, advertising to digital nomads is not easy. There are a hundred more things that you should do in order to market successfully to that niche. The funnel length varies from product/service to product/service, optimization is different in the different stages and a looot more. 

We at DigitInk, learned everything the hard way – we have spent thousands of hours learning and researching on how to advertise to digital nomads in the most efficient and effective way. Throughout the years, we have spent more than $100 000 testing different creatives, copies, optimizations and funnel strategies. It took us time to understand what truly works and how to scale it. But it was totally worth it. So, if you are in that niche save yourself some time (and money!), book your free consultation with us and boost your sales!

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