How to Sale More at Christmas -
5 Proven Tactics

by Velizar Milanov

Christmas is on the way! You can already feel the Christmas vibe in the air and you are looking forward to those sweet moments with your family. 

If you are a business owner however, you might have one huge concern – how to sell more online at Christmas?

Don’t worry, we got you covered! We have prepared 5 ways to boost your online sales during the holidays. So let’s stop playing around and get to the practical stuff.


1. Include a surprise Christmas freebie

Everybody loves surprises, right? Your customers are no exception. So, when you or your team are preparing the order, include a small Christmas freebie. It could be something as small as a Christmas card. The most important thing however, is that it should be connected to your target audience. It should provide value for them. Imagine a guy who ordered some car accessories receiving a Christmas card as a gift, would he appreciate it? I don’t think so. Think from the customer’s perspective and you will find the best freebie for your target audience. That way, you will boost your Christmas sales without sacrificing a ton of your precious margin.

2. Offer free wrapping

Almost all products could be wrapped (yes, some of them would require more effort and resources, but still – it is possible). So why not offer that for free to your Christmas clients to increase your sales? 

That would save a lot of time to your clients (if they purchased a gift that they gonna give) or will make them feel as if they were receiving a gift. Either way the perceived value (one of the most important things in marketing) would be higher, thus the pleasure from buying would be higher. 

This tactic works exceptionally well in 2 cases: if you are selling products targeting women (most of the ladies love unwrapping presents) or if you are selling gifts for women targeting men (most guys don’t love wrapping presents). So go ahead, try this one and see how your Christmas sales are increasing!

3. Offer gift vouchers


Christmas is about wandering – wandering what should you get as a present and what you would receive as one. You can save your customers some of it (and boost your Christmas sales) by offering gift vouchers. 

However, this would work if you have a wide variety of products/services that you are offering. Otherwise, it wouldn’t make any sense. In our practice, we have observed a huge increase in sales when we introduced this tactic in different websites, as most of the cases guys were buying them for their girlfriends. 

We suggest including a nice Christmas card with it, so the gift would have a higher perceived value for the person who is receiving it. 


4. Use your thank you page wisely 

A lot of people are underestimating the value that the thank you page has. Despite for tracking conversions accurately (if you are not doing that, you are not really tracking and optimizing correctly your digital marketing campaigns), it could serve a great job for cross-selling! The reason?

When customers purchase from your website that means that they trusted you! It may seem odd to you, but one of the great ways for  them to get that reassurance is to enter into another transaction with you – whether that is a further purchase or signing up to a newsletter. However, make sure that you first thank them for making the decision and then nudge them to buy a complementary product or ask them to sign up for your newsletter, so they don’t miss the next big promotion. 

5. Free delivery


One of the old plays in the book. But it still works! Even if your normal delivery is as small as $2! Last year, we ran that type of promotion for a natural cosmetics company. The standard delivery cost $2. When we introduced the free delivery, we saw a 30% increase in Christmas sales! Just from saving $2 to the customer. Isn’t that amazing? 

So, if you have a margin to play with, go ahead and offer a free delivery for that special time of the year and see how your Christmas sales are going up!

Here you go, now you know 5 proven ways to sell more at Christmas! Don’t miss out, implement them now and see how your sales increase! If you want help doing that, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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