Facebook Ads Optimization is Not
Enough for Profitable Ads


by Daniel Rogachev

From our experience we noticed that a lot of business owners rely on Facebook ads and optimize them to promote and sell their goods or services. That’s why we decided to write this article trying to give you a topic to think about and hopefully take into account.


 You are using Facebook Ads, aren’t you? Well, if it’s so, I bet you are optimizing your ads as much as possible and put a lot of effort for doing it. Most of you start to focus so much in their ads, forgetting about their site. Right here the problem that I will help you to solve today is rising.

Imagine your Facebook Marketing Campaign as a spike and your ads as the edge. Well, you need to put a lot of effort before sharpening your edge and jump into a battle!

Start with the Site Speed

Have you heard about the PageSpeed Insights tool? Definitely one more super useful Google’s tool for analyzing your site speed. Even more, it tells you how to optimize the problematic areas and how much loading time it will cut. Be sure that your site speed is 90+ for both desktop and mobile.



Let’s not forget about the Google announcement in 2017 that, “as page load time goes from one second to five seconds, the probability of bounce increases by 90%” and that they would be penalizing the SEO rankings for slow web pages.

This study from Pingdom suggests that a page load of 7 seconds vs 3 seconds will result in losing 40% of your visitors just because of that.

Think about that for a moment — if your landing page takes 7+ seconds to load, you’re probably wasting 40% of your ad budget.


If your budget is $10k a month, you’re wasting $4k a month by not improving performance. For that kind of money, you could probably hire one person and justify making fast page load times their only job.


Do you know what “Schema” is?


This tool is not so popular, but it’s in my opinion not far behind from the general audience. Essentially, what is does is sending back more information to Facebook from your site. What its more, it tells Facebook what the specific landing page is about, what are the products/services available on this page, what kind of events are triggered, etc.

It’s a great way to improve your paid traffic coming from Social media and increase your Relevance score. In the same time, this will decrease your ad spent and will help you with Search Engine Optimization.

On the link below, you can download the video, where is briefly explained how you can do it:




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