How to Advertise in Social Media


by Daniel Rogachev

The only thing you need is a PC and Internet!

 In the following paragraphs I will try to present you most of the channels and ways for free advertising, which are so well-known for the advertisers, but most often they will never share this information with you. Why? – because it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Free Ads

If you think about it, the logic behind is simple. Let’s take as an example the hashtags in Instagram. This year was definitely the year of Insta Stories, which is a pretty good way for free advertising. The posts for the hashtag story are selected from the top posts containing the hashtag and logically they are the ones with the highest rate of engagement. So, if you are able to create a nice piece of content, choose the correct hashtags and engage with your audience, you are basically on your way to the history of one of the chosen hashtags, which is essentially a free exposure a.k.a. free advertisement.

Do not forget Facebook! Still the best Social Media Platform has a lot of opportunies for Free Advertising. The best example possible is finding  relevant for your business Facebook Groups in which you can find your target customers and advertise your products or services. Moreover, there is Facebook Marketpace, where you can place all your products for free!


Be Where your Customers’ attention REALLY IS!

Being able to see which content related to your business is hot right now, means that you can watch the trends in real time. Knowing what your audience think in real time, means that you can adjust your posts and create a more engaging content, which will grab their attention. Indeed, for getting this information, you can use exactly the same groups, which were you are finding your potential clients.

While checking the hot content, you could also see what other hashtags the top posters are using, which can help you generate new ideas for hashtags that you could implement in your own posts.


Last but not Least – Cooperate with Influencers!


Seeing a person in a certain hashtag history over and over again definitely means something. Identifying influencers could be as easy as just checking a certain hashtag history for a couple of days and seeing which profile are constantly included there. Find those people, get in touch with them and then sale your product or service to them! Once they believed in it, make a benefitial cooperation with them!


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